How to Make Perfect Matcha

Matcha is a Japanese green tea made from ground up tea leaves. It has numerous health benefits, and is a great thing to add to your morning routine. I've written another post about its many health benefits - click here to read it! In this post, we will talk about the best way to prepare it.

What you will need:

- A matcha whisk ( click here to buy the one that I use! )

I wasn't sure at first if this was necessary, so I tried it with a regular metal whisk - it didn't really work. With a proper matcha whisk, it was so smooth and enjoyable, but the other way wasn't.

- A small sieve

This helps ensure that your matcha won't be clumpy, and that it won't separate in your glass.

- A bowl ( or a small mug to prepare in )

- High quality matcha powder

- A kettle ( or something to boil water in )

Click here to see a great website called Tealyra; they have so many teas, and matcha supplies! They have matcha whisks, bowls, and spoons, as well as many varieties of matcha powder, including some flavoured mixes.

How to make it - the basics:

1. Boil the water

2. Sift matcha powder into a bowl

3. Whisk matcha powder and water in a "w" pattern, until frothy

4. Serve; you can sweeten or add milk, if you like! ( I love putting oat milk in my matcha!)

Ways to spice up your matcha:

Try it over ice! This is a super refreshing drink on a summer's day! I love drinking iced matcha (pretty much every morning...).

Make it a latte! Frothed milk really takes any drink to the next level. You can use a whisk, an electric milk frother, or even a french press coffee maker. (dairy-free milk works too!)

Add it to a smoothie! Matcha powder makes your smoothies so vibrant, and gives you the same energy that it normally would, with the added health benefits of the smoothie.

Why should I drink Matcha?

Matcha has an incredible amount of health benefits, and provides a steadier source of energy than coffee (no crash). It is extremely high in antioxidants, speeds up the metabolism, and is rich in chlorophyll, which is helpful in skin healing, blood detoxification, and cancer prevention.


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