How to Manifest Your Greatest Desires with the Law of Attraction:

Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that everyone and everything is made up of energies that we put into the universe. It states that no matter your age, wealth, or beliefs, everyone has the ability to manifest their greatest desires. If you constantly have a positive mindset, you will attract positive events and people into your life. If you have a negative mindset, you will attract negative events and people into your life.

This post will talk about the Law of Attraction, how you can use it in your life, and how you can manifest all your greatest desires.

Check out this video for a brief explanation, and watch more of their videos if you want more detail.

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How to Manifest Something:

Here are some steps that work for a lot of people:

1. Set a specific time everyday for creative visualisation (where you visualize what your life would be like if you achieved your goal), journaling, or inspiration.

2. Be very clear with what you are asking for

3. Start with something small, to give yourself confidence.

Remember, it won't be happen immediately, but it will eventually. I recommend getting a specific journal (one that you love) and using it only for practicing the Law of Attraction. The notebook I use is a plain brown paper notebook, which you can get on Amazon here, but of course you can choose your own. You could even try writing "letters to the universe". It may seem silly, but it has worked for a lot of people.


Dear Universe,

I writing to ask you for ______ , because _____________.

If you write the same type of things everyday, you will see results, fast.

How does it work?

Everyone is constantly vibrating on a different frequency.

Positive = high vibrations.

Negative = low vibrations.

Similar vibrations are attracted to each other, even subconcious ones. Because of this, what you focus on is what you receive. This doesn't mean you will get anything you want without work, though. For example, you can't sit around thinking about having money to spend, if you're not applying for jobs or seeking new opportunities.

Research is constantly being conducted around the subject, but it has been found that the Law of Attraction is a real as the Law of Gravity. For more information, click here.

Looking for inspiration?

Try making a vision board, with pictures of your greatest desires. Maybe it's a beach vacation, or better health. Either way, include pictures and quotes that inspire you.

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