Top 5 things to do in Quarantine

Now that the majority of the world is in quarantine as a result of COVID19, here are some things that you can do; many of them can take as long as you want - it's up to you how much time you spend on them.

1. Re-organize your phone

Most of us phone users have a few apps in the backs of our phones, so to speak, (that face-swap app you downloaded in 2015?), and now that we have some time, take this chance to re-organize/declutter your phone!

To do:

- delete all apps that you don't use

- put apps in order (most-least used, most-least productive, etc)

- try putting distracting apps at the bottom of the page, out of you line of sight

- if you're feeling extra "fun", try categorizing your apps. Examples: productivity, entertainement, health, school/work.

Tip: When naming your folders, try typing the letter with one space in between, in either all Caps or all lowercase. L I K E T H I S or l i k e t h i s.

2. Watch a looooooong movie

Obviously, moving watching is a great pass-time, and what better way to spend a than watching Elizabeth Taylor for 5 hours!

Since they don't make movies (or attention spans) as long as they used to, most of these recommendations are older, but that's not a problem!

Here are some loooong movies:

- Cleopatra ~ 5 hrs 20 mins

- Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King ~ 4 hrs 11 mins

- Gone with the wind ~ 3 hrs 58 mins

- The Godfather - 2 hrs 58 mins

For more options, Google "long movies" (lol) - there are a ton of recommendations.

3. Learn a new language

One of the most intimidating things a person can say is "I'm learning a new language", but it doesn't have to be hard! Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and HelloTalk make learning a new language easy.

Click on these links to check them out!

- Duolingo

- Babbel

- HelloTalk

4. "Marie Kondo" your house!

The Konmari method, created by organization expert Marie Kondo, is one that categorizes one's items if they spark joy. Simply pick up an item, and see if it makes you happy. If so, keep it, and fold/store it properly. If not, donate it, sell it, or throw it away.

For more info, check out these links:

- The Konmari Method

- The Website of Marie Kondo

5. Spark your creativity

Finally, do something that makes your happy. Whether you find joy in drawing, writing, painting, crafting, exercise, organization; no matter what you like, find a way to fit it into your quarantine routine.

In this new and interesting time, it is important that we find a way to make the best of the situation. Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and protect those around you; take care of yourself and your loved ones. Remember to check on your friends and family, who may be struggling - this period of isolation might be hard on the more extroverted people in your life.

Thank you for reading. ;-)

- The Blog Team


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